Scott Calls Health Care Plan ‘Big Win’

Scott Calls Health Care Plan ‘Big Win’

Gov. Rick Scott called it a “big win” when the federal government gave final approval to Florida’s plan to move most of its Medicaid patients into system of HMOs and other managed care.

It’s a culmination of a policy fight that has been waged for years between Florida officials, who wanted more flexibility in running the state-federal health care program for the poor and disabled, and federal officials, who were reluctant to give up control.

With the approval, the real test comes down to two basic questions:

? Will the extensive use of managed care bring savings to a program that has ballooned to some $21 billion a year or at least slow down the growth in the program’s cost?

? Will managed care bring an improvement in the quality of care, or will the 2.9 million Floridians who will be in the new system see a decline in their services?

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