Florida’s ALFs need close, consistent regulation

Florida’s ALFs need close, consistent regulation

During the last several months, assisted-living facilities (ALFs) have been making headlines after the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) shut down a handful of facilities.

It is important for Floridians to understand that not all ALFs are bad. In fact, the vast majority of ALFs are good, with a few bad players that taint the public’s (and media’s) perceptions of all.

Conversely, bad things sometimes can happen even in the best facilities, no matter how well these facilities train and prepare their staff.

While there are a handful of bad players who have caused harm, the vast majority are committed to the highest standards of quality care. The few bad players do not represent the industry as a whole.

Two years ago, Gov. Rick Scott created workgroups that would receive public comment, analyze the laws in place and consider possible changes in regulations. While many great ideas came out of these workgroups, it is important to understand that, in some cases, increased regulations could cripple the ALF industry — in part because the smaller facilities could not bear the cost associated with increased regulations.

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