4 things Floridians should know about the Obamacare exchange rollout

4 things Floridians should know about the Obamacare exchange rollout

Obamacare health insurance exchanges are scheduled to open across the county next week, but more than a few problems are likely to complicate and outright confuse many Floridians looking to sign-up for coverage.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind amid the public outcry for and against the federal health care law.

1. Mandates

FAIR?: Large employers get a pass, but individual Americans must pay.In July, the government mandate requiring all large employers — businesses with 50 or more employees — to pay for a certain amount of coverage or face thousands of dollars in penalties was scrapped for at least a year.

But the individual mandate requiring every American to obtain insurance or pay a tax penalty is still intact. Floridians will have until Dec. 15 to secure insurance without penalty.

2. Delays

NOT READY: Small business and Spanish language online enrollment isn’t ready.

Small businesses looking to sign up on the online health exchange will have no luck come Oct. 1, the first day of enrollment.

On Thursday, it was announced that the co-called SHOP exchanges aren’t ready and reportedly will need at least another month before they are operational. It’s these types of problems that have many concerned that the law is not ready for prime time.

The Spanish-language version of Obamacare exchanges also is delayed. This will affect Florida’s fastest growing and least insured demographic.

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