Storm Prep Critical for Medically Needy

Storm Prep Critical for Medically Needy

When a hurricane is approaching, everyone needs to have a plan in place. When you have medical needs, that preparation becomes even more critical.

Dr. Theo Sai is the chief medical officer for senior products for Humana in Central Florida.  He’s also lived through several hurricanes.

“I remember the worst one for me was in the Bahamas, where I was on the first floor and it was a pretty bad hurricane, and Nassau typically floods a lot,” Said said.

When he offers advice on preparing for hurricanes, it comes from his own experience.

“So just being there alone in the apartment by myself and basically not having access to anything, it kind of brings home the point that it is important to prepare,” Sai said. “I mean, something as simple as water, thank God I had a gallon of water there, but if that storm had lasted a little bit longer, I don’t know what I would have done.”