Rx for Brain: Baked or Broiled Fish Every Week

Rx for Brain: Baked or Broiled Fish Every Week

Here’s an easy way to boost your brain health, especially if you’re worried about memory loss or dementia: Eat any kind of fish — as long as it isn’t fried — at least once a week.

That’s the surprising result of a new study looking at simple lifestyle changes a person could make to help protect against Alzheimer’s or cognitive decline.

By looking at MRI brain scans of healthy older adults enrolled in a 10-year study, the researchers found that those who regularly ate baked or broiled fish had more gray matter in the brain regions responsible for memory and cognition.

That’s right — eating fish results in a bigger brain, something your mother probably told you when you were a picky kid poking at your fish fingers (which are bad for you, by the way; the high heat of frying seems to do away with fish’s brain benefits, the study found).

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