Florida Not the Healthiest for Seniors

Florida Not the Healthiest for Seniors

“Minnesota Nice” might be the key to good health for seniors.

America’s Health Rankings Senior Report rated Minnesota the healthiest state in the nation for adults aged 65 and over — beating out Hawaii. And that retiree and snowbird haven, Florida? It came in 28th.

What could put Minnesota, which just weathered arguably the harshest winter in the country, ahead of those sunny climes? Volunteering is one factor. Minnesotans do more of it and it plays a major role in senior vitality, according to Dr. Reed Tuckson, senior medical adviser to the UnitedHealth foundation, which funds the annual rankings.

“There’s a much better chance to be active, to be engaged, to be alive, to feel excited, to be inspired,” said Tuckson, “and therefore to have a good mental attitude.”

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