This Week in Boomer History: Attica … Oprah … ‘Imagine’

This Week in Boomer History: Attica … Oprah … ‘Imagine’

Notable events from our shared experience

Pete Rose breaks Ty Cobb’s record for most career hits with his 4,192nd on Sept. 11, 1985. In 1989, Rose, then manager of the Cincinnati Reds, is banned for life from baseball for betting on games — specifically his own team’s.

Photographed by Andy Warhol for the cover, John Lennon releases his second solo album, Imagine, on Sept. 9. 1971. Former bandmate George Harrison plays guitar on four tracks. The cut “How Do You Sleep?” is seen as Lennon’s take on his broken relationship with Paul McCartney.

After serving eight years in the House of Representatives, Margaret Chase Smith is elected to the first of her four terms as senator from Maine on Sept. 13, 1948,  She becomes the first woman to serve in both houses of Congress.

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