Study: Rare Blood Type May Slightly Raise Dementia Risk

Study: Rare Blood Type May Slightly Raise Dementia Risk

Your blood type may play a small role in your risk for dementia, a new study finds.

People with blood type AB, which includes about 4 percent of the population, appear to have an increased risk for memory problems as they age. Over about three years, individuals with blood type AB were almost twice as likely to show memory problems as those with type O blood, the most common blood group, the study found.

┬áBut experts cautioned that those with AB blood shouldn’t panic because other circumstances play a bigger part in their risk for mental impairment.

“If you were to do the same study and look at smoking, lack of exercise, obesity and other lifestyle factors, the risk of dementia is much, much higher,” said Dr. Terence Quinn, a clinical lecturer in stroke and geriatric medicine at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. “People who are worried about dementia, whether they have that blood group or not, should look at making those lifestyle changes.”