Hospitals: 12% Medicaid cut won’t cause layoffs

Hospitals: 12% Medicaid cut won’t cause layoffs

Reductions less severe at nursing homes

By Gary Pinnell

SEBRING – Hospitals plan to absorb a 12 percent Medicaid reimbursement cut without reducing health care services or laying off nurses and caregivers.

To reconcile a $4.6 billion revenue shortfall in the state budget, the Legislature agreed to reduce $510 million in Medicaid payments to hospitals.

“The Medicaid cuts include both state and federal funds,” said State Rep. Denise Grimsley, R-Sebring.

Nursing homes lost 6.5 percent of their Medicaid dollars. As a result, each nursing home resident is expected to receive 3.6 hours of care from nursing assistants and nurses, down from 3.9 percent, the Florida Health Care Association estimated.

“However, we also provided for staffing relief, which was worth about 2.5 percent of the 6.5 percent, bringing the total reduction closer to only 4 percent,” said Grimsley, who is also a registered nurse at Florida Hospital Heartland.

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