David Plouffe says Latinos supported health care law the “most”

David Plouffe says Latinos supported health care law the “most”

grande problemo for the Republican Party is how to win over Hispanic voters who flocked to President Barack Obama in 2012. But even with Republicans like Sen. Marco Rubio supporting immigration reform, Latinos are still concerned about other issues, said David Plouffe, a recently departed White House senior adviser.

For a New York Times magazine cover story about the Republican Party’s future, Plouffe was asked if a presidential candidate like Rubio could get his party back into the game.

Plouffe called Rubio “the tea party Cuban-American from Florida” and said he wouldn’t have much appeal to Hispanic voters in other states.

“And by the way: the bigger problem they’ve got with Latinos isn’t immigration,” Plouffe said in the February article. “It’s their economic policies and health care. The group that supported the president’s health care bill the most? Latinos.”

His statement that Latinos supported Obama’s Affordable Care Act more than other groups caught our attention, so we decided to check it out.

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