Florida gets a ‘D’ for transparency on health-care prices

Florida gets a ‘D’ for transparency on health-care prices

Florida received an “D” for its health care price transparency laws.

That’s according to a report from the Catalyst for Payment Reform, a group that says it’s working to improve how Americans pay for health care.

Florida was one of seven states to receive a “D.” Only two states, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, received an A.

“American consumers deserve to have as much information about the quality and price of their health care as they do about restaurants, cars, and household appliances,” wrote Francois de Brantes, the group’s executive director, in a foreword attached to the report.

It has been well-documented that health care costs have skyrocketed in this country.

A statistical brief from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services calculated that U.S. health care spending reached $1.263 trillion in 2010. Private insurance paid for 40.1 percent of total expenses, Medicare paid 25.7 percent, individuals and family members paid 14.2 percent out-of-pocket, and Medicaid/CHIP paid 10.4 percent.

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