“The Right Caregiver”

“The Right Caregiver”

Have you ever wondered how the process of matching caregivers with clients is formulated? Though it’s not an exact science, it does take a little bit of science, art, creativity and old fashioned matchmaking! At Vintex, we take this process very seriously. How so? Because a poorly matched case can be a nightmare for both the client and the caregiver….especially the client. To guard against a nightmarish experience we at Vintex recommend the following :

Thoroughly assess the client well before any caregiver placement

Ask questions to determine client’s likes and dislikes, preferences

Respect of cultural background and practices of the client is vital to proper caregiving

Evaluate client’s personality inclination..i.e. introvert, extrovert, etc.

Understanding dietary habits and patterns of the client is essential

In depth interview of caregivers to ascertain their personality inclination as well

Culinary expertise or knowledge of the caregiver should be a key criteria

Preferences of caregivers should be considered in assignment placement

Each client is unique in  his or her care requirements. Therefore, care has to be customized to meet the client’s needs. Sometimes, even benign events such as watching sports on TV can create a strong bond between a client and the caregiver..provided the caregiver is a sports lover. . A client, who loves to read, would be better matched with a caregiver who has similar interests. Trips to the library would be a treat for them both! Similarly, a movie buff client needs to be matched with a caregiver that enjoys watching movies. The idea is to keep the client company and engaged. A discussion or recap after the movie is usually expected. So, a caregiver who is uninterested in movies would clearly be a misfit. A talkative client would be matched with a caregiver that has a penchant for talking. A quiet caregiver would not work out. You get the picture?

Vintex has a rich database of caregivers with a wide range of personalities. This tool aids the matching of the right client with the right caregiver based on personality and competency level.

Screening to satisfy these requirements can be time consuming at times, but it sure is well worth it. Our goal is to reduce stress and anxiety; and improve the quality of life for our clients. One way of accomplishing that is by working hard to make sure we match the right caregiver with the right client.

So far, our track record has proven thus far…, we have had astounding success matching caregivers with clients that have similar personality types/ traits.  

Now that is good news in this business!