Ongoing Celebration of Nurses!

Ongoing Celebration of Nurses!

Celebrate Nurses

How better to celebrate Nurses during the month of May– than to congratulate the fantastic nurses of Vintex! You have proven to be a rarity in the business. Where some may complain and grumble, you choose to serve with care and pride. This year, as we celebrate Nurses, let’s reflect on the impact that nurses make on our lives on a daily basis.

Many of us can attest to having had some kind of experience with a health situation or emergency…ours or that of a family member, friend or loved one. In each of these situations, a nurse is usually available to provide care, comfort and answer questions.  Today, nurses are at the frontlines of cutting edge medical care. They are required to think and act quickly under intense pressure. These days, a nurse’s job description is not so linear, it’s more fluid than people realize.

Although we designate a week in May to recognize the nurses in our community; the celebration of nurses should be a constant and continuous effort of appreciation.

As of 2014 data, there were about 2.8 million RNs and 690,000 LPNs in the US.

Take a moment to honor these women and men who work so hard day and night to save lives; sometimes under very strenuous circumstances.

Stop a nurse in your community and say thank you! She or he will be delighted to be appreciated by a random stranger.  Many times, nurses are the unsung heroes when stories of healthcare crisis intervention are chronicled.

One can only hope that as society matures, nurses will get their rightful recognition as full partners of the multi-disciplinary healthcare team.

Thank you nurses for your extraordinary contributions as caregivers, educators and healthcare professionals!