How to get a living will in Florida

How to get a living will in Florida

The 10th anniversary of the Terri Schiavo case might have you considering getting a living will.

The Florida Legislature has created a suggested form of a Living Will (Florida Statutes Section 765.303) which you can download or print using the link below-

Florida Living Will (download/print for ISSUU members)

Florida Living Will (download/print from Florida Bar website)

The Florida Bar provides the following useful information about living wills and health care surrogates on its website-

The Florida Legislature has recognized that every competent adult has the fundamental right of self-determination regarding decisions pertaining to his or her own health, including the right to choose or refuse medical treatment or procedures which would only prolong life when a terminal condition exists. This right, however, is subject to certain interests of society, such as the protection of human life and the preservation of ethical standards in the medical profession. To ensure that this right is not lost or diminished by virtue of later physical or mental incapacity, the Legislature has established a procedure within Florida Statutes Chapter 765 allowing a person to plan for incapacity, and if desired, to designate another person to act on his or her behalf and make necessary medical decisions upon such incapacity.