‘The Age of Dignity’ explores elderly care

‘The Age of Dignity’ explores elderly care

The plates you ate from years ago are still stacked neatly in the cupboard.

Below them, instruments of love: cookbooks propped up by a battered mixing bowl, an ancient percolator, and a cookie jar that’s filled, as it should be.

Those are scraps of your childhood but to your mother, they represent home — and you’re hoping, as she ages, that you can keep her there. In “The Age of Dignity” by Ai-Jen Poo (with Ariane Conrad) (The New Press $25.95), you may find the strength to do it.

As her beloved grandfather lay dying in a nursing home, Ai-Jen Poo felt tremendous guilt. He’d been a vibrant, active man who hadn’t wanted that kind of death — but it’s what he got, much to the chagrin of his family.

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