10 Facts You Need to Know About Hospice

10 Facts You Need to Know About Hospice

An interesting thing happens when Dawn Gross brings up hospice to patients or their families:

“Oh, no, we don’t want that!” they often say.

“OK,” says Gross, a hospice and palliative care physician in San Francisco. “Tell me exactly what you don’t want, so we’re sure not to give you that.”

Going off to some facility, they tell her. Losing control of care. Being knocked out by morphine. Or — the clincher — giving up. When Gross assures them that hospice isn’t at all like that — that two-thirds of hospice care takes place in the person’s home or a long-term care facility, that the patient can still receive medical care, and that Medicare and most private health insurers pay for it in full — they often change their minds.

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