A Conversation With Buzz Aldrin

A Conversation With Buzz Aldrin

You’ve said we need to become a space-faring species because humans face so many survival threats on Earth. What worries you most?

Probably an asteroid impact. That’s a very low probability, but it could wipe out everyone. Although if you have a full-blown nuclear exchange between big powers, the people who survive would probably die out.

In your book Mission to Mars, you predict it won’t be long before we land there, and recently said the date might be 2040. Could we have gone to Mars much earlier?

The information I got about a year ago is that when President Kennedy approached NASA in the early 1960s, he said, “I want to go to Mars.” The NASA people spent a full weekend studying that, went to the president and said they had done the calculations and we were in no position to get to Mars. They told him they thought they could get to the moon.

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