On Veteran’s Day, We remember, We care

On Veteran’s Day, We remember, We care


According to the U.S. Department of Veteran’s affairs, veterans have a diverse array of healthcare concerns when returning from active duty. Historically, veterans suffer from episodic and long-term post-traumatic stress disorder. However, PTSD is not the only health issue facing veterans today. Veterans are reporting mental health issues such as depression, which can lead to suicidal thoughts and/or suicide attempts; and body image issues following prosthetic device application, among others.

Additionally, some veterans seek care for musculoskeletal injuries, which may ultimately result in the need for chronic pain management with medication or surgery, and/or physical therapy. Another big concern for veterans’ health is traumatic brain injury. Suffering a traumatic brain injury can lead to permanent neurological damage.

These are very serious health concerns that require extensive care and education for families and veterans alike. Vintex Quality provides home health care services that enable the veteran and their family to recover at home with qualified and compassionate caregivers.


Vintex Quality Care offers a variety of services to facilitate care and recovery at home. After receiving treatment, veterans who are sent home may require more than just follow-up visits. Services such as companionship, respite care for family members, assistance with activities of daily living, may improve quality of life for veterans and their families.

25% of Veterans in Florida will attempt suicide

Companionship for a Veteran

Suicide prevention is the primary goal when caring for veterans with PTSD and/or depression. Sometimes the company of a compassionate caregiver or their kind words may be enough.

70% of Veteran caregivers care for their spouse or partner

Respite Care for the caregiving family

Veterans of all ages will eventually require care at home whether for recovery from a surgery, or in-between visits to a care center. During this time, a family member is most likely to provide care. Caregivers undergo a great deal of stress and physical strain when caring for someone at home. Respite care by a qualified caregiver from Vintex will allow that family caregiver to rest and care for themselves.

Chronic pain sufferers struggle with daily routine

Assistance with activities of daily living

Routine activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, dressing, etc. are extremely important to the incapacitated veteran at home. When a person is unable to perform basic activities due to injury, limb loss, and even those suffering from chronic pain, it can be frustrating and can dampen their motivation to recover quickly. Home Health Aides are trained to help patients/veterans in their home with these important tasks.

Traumatic brain injury can leave a person with a disability

Hourly care for the disabled

A traumatic brain injury is caused by penetrating trauma to the brain. Health issues from TBI can range from mild headaches/dizziness to severe neurological damage and physical disability. A veteran that is disabled due to TBI may need regular care at home apart from the care provided at VA facilities. Qualified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides are expertly trained and prepared to care for patients with severe disabilities.


Today, we remember, we care. We are a nation built on the sacrifices of men and women fighting for our country’s values. We must remember those that didn’t return home, and honor their sacrifice. And most importantly, we must care for those that did come back, and thank them. Let’s not take for granted what the women and men of the armed forces have given us.