Gather and Give Thanks

Gather and Give Thanks


Thanksgiving traditions are now as diverse as they ever were. The United States has become a big melting pot of nationalities and cultures, and with that has come new traditions. People around the U.S. still bake the turkey, and make the mashed potatoes, and bake a pumpkin pie. For some families that means jerk-seasoned turkey, or pumpkin flan. This time of the year, it’s important to remember that traditions are only as good as the people you share them with.

At Vintex, we value family, friendships, and compassion above all else. Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, Vintex staff members gather for a relaxing lunch to celebrate the holiday. We also reflect on how fortunate we all are. We enjoy good, wholesome food. We enjoy each other’s good company. And we often like to discuss our Thanksgiving traditions. What everyone agrees on is that a gathering of family and friends, is the most important part of Thanksgiving Day. But so much more happens on Thanksgiving.

Cooking is a huge part of the holiday. Staff members like to get together with family, early in the morning to cook the Thanksgiving feast. Jackie and her family have a long tradition of sharing the preparation tasks. “From the time I was 10 years old, until I moved out in my 30s, I would help my mom prep Thanksgiving dinner. My job was to cut up the ingredients for the stuffing and baste the turkey every hour,” says Jackie of her tasks on the special day. For some, Thanksgiving dinner is done early, leaving time for conversation among friends. On Thanksgiving Day, Abo “watches some TV, but I prefer intimate conversations and interaction with family and guests.” For Yaimy, the preparation and cooking of a corn casserole has only one requirement, “only adults in the kitchen!”

When asked what their favorite pie is, the staff all answered “pecan pie wins, hands down.” The favorite meat for Thanksgiving dinner, was a split! Some preferred ham, others preferred the old-fashioned turkey. What was the preferred time for dinner? Majority said 8:00 PM. Given a choice between mashed potatoes and stuffing, all staff members agreed on stuffing!

When the staff was asked what they were most thankful for this year, the unanimous response was health and family. We believe that having good health, and a supportive close and extended family, is the greatest gift of this and any year.

We are also grateful for you, our clients. You are more than our clients: you are our extended family. We think of you, we care for you, and we hope the best for you.

So this year, as we consider how lucky we are, we hope you find the same peace and appreciation. For this Thanksgiving, we (the Vintex family) hope that you have a warm and wonderful gathering with your closest friends, and dearest family members. For those of you that don’t have a lot of family, remember that there is more than one kind of family. But more than anything, we hope you find yourselves surrounded by joy and fun. And great food!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.