Hurricane Season 2017: Prepare for the Big Storm

Hurricane Season 2017: Prepare for the Big Storm

Hurricane season officially starts on June 1 every year. And every year, Floridians must prepare for the worst. As a peninsula, Florida is susceptible to a wide range of storm trajectories throughout the season. It has become increasingly important for the people of Florida to review and revise a plan for a big storm that includes possible evacuation from their homes.

Making and maintaining a hurricane kit is easier than most people think, and the supplies can be picked up at any hardware store, drugstore, or supermarket. According to (a site developed by FEMA to help people prepare for any emergency), disaster kits include simple supplies such as flashlight, batteries, first aid, etc. Additionally, they recommend people know exactly where they are supposed to go, if asked to evacuate.

One of the biggest concerns for families in cases of emergency or natural disaster, is moving seniors, or people with disabilities (and possibly their pets or service animals). For these families, it is very important that they consider all possible limitations. For seniors, the first step is establishing a communication plan with the other members of the family. This includes carrying family contact information in a wallet or purse, and having a contact that is out the hurricane-impacted city/town (American Red Cross). Also, agree on a location (and where in that location) that the senior or person with disabilities will be during the hurricane/storm.

For those that receive home health care, the caregiver will work with the family to execute any plan the family deems necessary. Additionally, family members can rest assured that every home health care agency (especially Vintex Quality) has an emergency management plan that is put in place for just these occasions. Contact us for details about how we keep seniors safe during big storms.

For more general information about how to prepare, visit FEMA’s Get Ready website. Prepare, and be safe this hurricane season.


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