Hurricane Irma (updated 9/6/2017)

Hurricane Irma (updated 9/6/2017)

While the threat of major hurricane Irma looms over South Florida, it is important to be prepared for what comes ahead. It’s important to follow all instructions issued by local government officials, and listen to the National Hurricane Center for updates.

Vintex Quality Care is also preparing for the big storm by implementing our Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. If you are a client, caregiver, or client’s family member, you can contact our office if you have any questions and concerns. Our procedures for handling natural disasters is summarized below:

Upon imminent threat of an emergency or disaster, Vintex’s emergency management team will contact those patients needing ongoing services and confirm each patient’s plan during and immediately following an emergency. Vintex  will contact every assisted living facility (ALF)/ Adult Family Care Home (AFCH) where patients are served, and patients (or party responsible for the patient) in private homes to confirm the plans during and immediately following an emergency.

Vintex will utilize its list of patients and maintain in the patient’s home, a list of patient- specific medications, supplies and equipment required for continuing care and services should the patient be evacuated. The list will include important patient information such as the names of all medications, their dose, frequency, route, time of day for administration and any special considerations for administration (take with food, on an empty stomach, crushed, etc.). The list will also include the patient’s allergies; name of the patient’s physician and their phone number(s); the name, phone number and address of the patient’s pharmacy. This list must be accompanied with the patient and caregiver should evacuation to another location occur. Caregiver is to remain with his/her patient throughout the emergency. Vintex will activate its emergency staff roster at which point, caregivers will be advised that they must prepare and be ready to go to work in the event relief staffing is needed.

We are available to answer your questions regarding your, or your family member’s care.

Important Phone Numbers and Websites:

Vintex Quality Care: (305) 666-8331

Miami Dade County Emergency:

Broward County Hotline: (954) 831-3900

Lee County Emergency Management: (239) 533-0622 /

FEMA: 1 (800) 354-3571

American Red Cross: (954) 797-3800