Companions and Caregivers

Companions and Caregivers

By Sharet Espinal

There comes a time in life when people have to come by living by themselves. The kids move for college, work, or to start their own family. Most people have an adjustment period to living by themselves as they return to routine and chores.  Additionally, being home without someone to talk to might feel lonely. This can lead to depression in the elderly.

This is one of the reasons home health care is so essential to clients and family members alike. Companionship is a very important service for seniors adjusting to life changes. And caregivers are trained to provide companionship and help with medications, house chores, errands, and most importantly: they are there for support. According to National Public Radio, caregivers are a big help to elderly people when dealing with depression, and other mental health conditions such as dementia, or Alzheimer’s. They are trained to identify triggers by spotting positive mechanisms for dealing with crises. By providing the care at home, they are able to help on a  one-to-one basis.

Companionship, according to Franz Freudenthal, a physician whose dedication to improving patient care quality, can save lives! Freudenthal explains that, “if an individual has regular contact with others, there is an increased chance that those friends will notice physical changes, changes in mood or absences that could be a sign of a problem. Also, those with friends are also more likely to share concerns about their own well-being or physical health.”

Do you know someone who can benefit from companionship in the comfort of their own home? We pride ourselves in providing safe, quality care to you or your loved one. Get in touch with us, and we will put your mind at ease while providing the best home care.