Companionship and Errands

The challenges of aging, illness, or disability can sometimes impose lifestyle limitations on our loved ones. For example, many older adults have to stop driving due to reduced vision, decreased response reflexes, or cognitive impairment from Alzheimer’s or dementia. But giving up the keys doesn’t mean that seniors have to give up independence. If your senior loved one needs transportation assistance, Vintex Quality Care’s professional caregivers can escort or accompany them wherever they need to go.

Our caregivers can provide safe, secure transportation and accompaniment for a variety of outings, including, but not limited to:

Doctor Appointments


Going To A Hairdresser Or Beauty Salon

Visiting Friends And Family

Places Of Worship, Or Other Religious Events

Picking Up Prescriptions From The Pharmacy & Assistance with Self-Medication (if needed)

Activites Such As Going To The Movies Or Dining At A Restaurant

Aging or disability should not mean drastic changes in lifestyle. We understand the challenges of restoring balance to one’s life when circumstances change. As long as there is the desire and will, Vintex’s caregivers will work with your loved one to continue experiencing life to its fullest. We can provide this service for you or your loved one for as little as a few hours, or for the amount of time you desire.