HIPAA-compliant company

HIPAA-compliant company

Vintex is a HIPAA-compliant company

The rules outlined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (or HIPAA), were instituted to protect any medical information from being shared without a patient’s consent. Only among healthcare personnel can patient information be shared. As a patient or family of a patient, you have rights that require your information to be kept confidential by your healthcare providers. Additionally, you have full control of how and when your information is shared or used.

Any information that is taken about a patient’s care whether orally, on paper, or electronically is protected. Information about a person’s physical or mental health, services provided, and/or any form of payment agreed upon or made is protected.

How does VQC comply with HIPAA?

All new employees will be educated on HIPAA privacy rules and periodically thereafter.


Patient privacy is maintained at all times.

Protected information

Protecting our patients’ information is our top priority.


We do not disclose patients’ health information without written authorization or a verbal agreement.

Safe conversation

We safeguard against being overheard when discussing a patient’s treatment or condition with other healthcare providers (e.g. when reporting to a relief person).


Any complaint of privacy breaches by an employee of VQC will be documented as well as the resolution.


Caregivers do not discuss the client’s personal health or financial information with any caller; they refer them to the healthcare provider, case manager, or family member.

For more information about HIPAA, visit HHS.gov

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