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Our Team

Meet Our Team

At Vintex Quality Care, our unwavering commitment lies in offering you and your loved ones the superior care and support you rightfully deserve. Our team of extensively trained professionals stands ever-ready to respond to your inquiries and calls, ensuring you have access to the essential resources required for informed home health care decisions.

Our dedicated team is composed of compassionate, skilled, and trustworthy caregivers, united by a shared pledge to deliver unparalleled care. We remain steadfastly at your service, providing uninterrupted support and assistance. You can rely on us every hour of every day, as we are available 24/7 to answer your calls and address your needs, offering a constant lifeline when you need it most.


President & Administrator

Abo is a dedicated leader with a profound passion for the healthcare industry, coupled with an innate entrepreneurial spirit. She holds an advanced degree in business, complemented by a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Since assuming the role of President at Vintex Quality in 1991, Abo has been the driving force behind its remarkable growth and evolution into a thriving organization renowned for its delivery of compassionate, safe, and dependable care.

Abo’s distinctive hallmark is her hands-on approach, ensuring the consistent delivery of top-tier home healthcare services marked by unparalleled quality. Her contributions and commitment have garnered recognition, with features in distinguished publications such as the Miami Herald and VoyageMIA magazine, as well as appearances on WLRN TV.

Under Abo’s visionary leadership, Vintex has not only flourished but also remained steadfast in its unwavering dedication to meeting and exceeding the expectations of its valued clients. Abo epitomizes the essence of small business ownership, fostering a harmonious and productive working environment through the values of teamwork, boundless passion, unwavering dedication, and unyielding resilience.

Jackie M.

Vice President of Operations

Jackie has been an integral part of Vintex Quality for more than two decades. Her unwavering commitment to precision and her dedication to serving the community have rendered her an indispensable member of the Vintex team. In her role as VP of Operations, Jackie adeptly manages the delicate equilibrium between the technical intricacies and the compassionate essence of overseeing a home healthcare organization.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in business and a wealth of technology acumen, Jackie’s expertise and unwavering commitment have played a pivotal role in Vintex Quality’s operational success.

Jean T.

Director Nursing & Education

Jean is an accomplished Registered Nurse with an illustrious career spanning over a quarter-century. Her extensive experience encompasses in-home healthcare, facility, and hospital care, complemented by a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Operating on the foundational values of respect and compassion for all clients, Jean has emerged as a dedicated, passionate, and caring nurse-leader over the decades.

Jean personifies the quintessence of nursing, consistently providing
compassionate care while prioritizing safety and patience.

Maritza R.

Staffing Coordinator & Assistant Administrator

Maritza has been an integral part of Vintex Quality since its inception. With numerous years of experience in staffing and case coordination, she has earned a reputation as an invaluable asset to the organization. Maritza possesses a unique ability to effortlessly connect with caregivers and clients, serving as the crucial bridge between Vintex Quality, caregivers, and clients.

Yenaris R.

Executive Administrative Assistant

As the welcoming face and voice of the organization, Yenaris’ cheerful and pleasant personality aligns seamlessly with her role. With over 15 years of dedicated service to the Vintex team, she has embraced her position as an exemplary support and resource for caregivers and clients alike. Additionally, Yenaris conducts market research and outreach to both current and prospective clients, contributing significantly to the organization’s growth and success.